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2010-11ProgramCalendar PDFs Download
Mission Mpls Recruiting Brochure 2011 PDFs Download
Pledge Cards PDFs Download
Summer Intern Brochure PDFs Download
Contact Worksheet This is an optional worksheet for you to use for brainstorming and contacting potential sponsors. SoulBowl2017 Download
Fundraising Tips This was designed to help some nervous youth group kids with the prospect of fundraising for the Soul Bowl. Let's face it--many of us get nervous or don't know how to go about this, even if we really believe it's a great cause. Find some great tips here! SoulBowl2017 Download
Intro Letter to Team Captains SoulBowl2017 Download
Pledge Cards There are four pledge cards per sheet, so please print and cut these. SoulBowl2017 Download
Sample Support Letter SoulBowl2017 Download
Second Letter to Team Captains SoulBowl2017 Download
Support Roster Use this for keeping track of your sponsors, and bring it on the day of the Soul Bowl. Remember to record your sponsors' contact information so that Living Hope can thank them! SoulBowl2017 Download
Team Tally Sheet SoulBowl2017 Download